Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Queen of the Damned

Title:  Queen of the Damned
Author: Anne Rice
Original Publication Date: 1988   
Date I First Read: 1994
Basic Category: Fiction

(Of course, I just had to pick this one!)

Basic Summary: The third Vampire Chronicle . . . it picks up where The Vampire Lestat leaves off.  Lestat is going to perform his rock concert, and every vampire is going to be there for good and for bad.  His goal is to wake up Akasha, the queen of vampires.  Meanwhile, there are the dreams of the twins.  What do they mean?   Maharet tells the surviving vampires the story, while Akasha sets out to bring peace to the world by killing off men.     

What I Remember About the Book:  I still re-read parts of this book regularly, but what I loved most about this book is all of the vampires that we’ve gotten to know in the previous two books, plus some that are new to readers, get together in a grand meeting.  I loved reading the descriptions of each vampire, particularly as Marius comes into the room and looks at them all in turn. 

What I Took Away From the Book:  If I am a vampire, it pays to know Lestat personally (you know, since Akasha generally spared those that Lestat loved.)  If I am not a vampire . . . well, don’t go to Lestat’s concert!

Rating (1-5 stars):  5


Cathrina Constantine said...

I won't go to the concert, since I'm not a vampire.

Nicole said...

I'm not familiar with the book but do remember the film when it came out. I didn't watch it and the reviews aren't too pretty but I've still been curious as to whether it's worth checking out or not. Vampires aren't my thing with the exception of the Underworld series.

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Beth Camp said...

OK, you just talked me into putting Anne Rice on my "to read" list. Nice book review. You might want to go see the post re Queen of the Fire Eaters at
Not about vampires, but fascinating. Wonder how many others wrote a post, Q is for Queen . . .

Fe said...

This is a great book. Vampires aren't my greatest, but Ann Rice is an excellent author. Thank you for the review.