Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for The Eyre Affair

(For the 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge, I will be featuring one book each day, that begins with that day's letter, that made an impression on me.  This means that for some reason, I didn't just read that book and forget about it.  No, I still think about it after some period of time has passed.) 

Title: Eyre Affair, The
Author:  Jasper Fforde
Original Publication Date: 2001
Date I First Read: 2003
Basic Category: Fiction – Comic Fantasy/Alternative History
Basic Summary:  Thursday Next works for SpecOps 27, the Literary Detectives.  In her world, literature is very important, and it is possible to jump in and out of books.  If something in literature is changed, it can change the world – so it is important that literature is policed.   

What I Remember About the Book: I actually listened to this book the first time I read it, on audio cd on a trip in my car.  This is funny as I had an ARC of the book since before it was released but never read it (until later.)  It was the mid-1980s in this alternate history.  I remember laughing out loud a lot.  I remember Thursday’s inventor uncle Mycroft;  Pickwick, Thursday’s cloned dodo bird; Shakespeare machines at airports;  jumping into books; And, of course, Landon, her eventual husband. 

What I Took Away From the Book: The fun of a parallel, very similar but very different, universe.  And an urge to actually read Jane Eyre (I did for a college class, and really disliked it.)  I did re-read part of Jane Eyre so that The Eyre Affair made more sense.

Rating (1-5 stars):  5


Shannon @I Survived and Now I Run said...

This sounds like a book I need to read..thanks for sharing!

Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

littleboxofbooks said...

I had to read the book (almost)twice, too. I could not keep motivated through the just over halfway point. I saw the movie, and thought that I could follow it better the second time, but I really did not get much further.So now I have to read the Eyre Affair because the characters came to life in your words!

Daniel B. (@publiusdb) said...

It sounds interesting...I might actually pick it up.

Debra Mauldin said...

Sounds like an interesting book.
A to Z April Blogging Challenge

Nancy LaRonda Johnson said...

Great review. I'd never read it, but it sounds so interesting. For some reason, it reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon, which was the book as a child that most influenced my creativity.

Click said...

I read this for a book group and really enjoyed it. I hadn't read Jane Eyre at the time and I keep on thinking I should revisit it now I have (and the others in the series).

J.L. Schmidt said...

I LOVE this book (and Jasper Fforde in general). He's going to be my "J" post :)

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