Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Monkey Ono by J. C. Phillips

Monkey Ono by J.C. Phillipps, 2013

This picture book is about a cat (based on the author/illustrator's real cat), a dog, and a stuffed toy monkey who wants to, badly, go to the beach with their family.

Alas, Monkey Ono is left at home, and he hatches several plans to get there - even the silly one of being flushed down the toilet to be able to reach the ocean (aptly named "Operation Swirlie." Eventually, Java the cat and  Telly the dog save the day for Monkey Ono.

This is a fun story that is rather sweet at the same time.  It is definitely one I would use for a preschool storytime!

Note: I have borrowed this book from my local public library.  I have not been paid or whatnot to review this book.   I just love this book as a Librarian and as a mom.  My three year old son loves it, too.  

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